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Rosarii is releasing her second single 'Loveless Summer' November 1st to all platforms. With soft ambient soulful vocals, ‘Loveless Summer’ approaches the feeling of freedom and independence in knowing one is better off loving and enjoying ones own company, met with the excitement and curiosity of encountering a potential new lover.
Produced by Brooklyn Native Indigo SVN, the song flows smoothly with a warming and beautiful guitar, supported by steady warming drums, where Rii's vocals combine both through soulful, ambient vocals. No matter what time of the year it is, this song will bring you back to your most beautiful summer experience.
The song story takes place at a typical Brooklyn apartment, filled with personal items, cloathing, remains of errands not yet done, and flowers, Brooklyn girls love flowers. Altho content in her own company, she longs for the attention of a man she’s been noticing, and her non functioning and very needed AC becomes the perfect excuse to reach out.

Loveless Summer is available on all platforms
vocals and lyrics by Rosarii
produced by Indigo SVN
mixed and mastered by Sampson


directed by @drosarii
produced by @awol.studios and @drosarii
story written by @drosarii
assistant director @brianasista
casting by @sistamgmt

starring @kodyonyiuke
photography by @heavyeyes93

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